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Chapter 14 No.14
Words Count: 1117    |    Released on:08/10/2022

Lewis's POV

"It makes me feel safe. So can you do it for me?" I say to Amber.

"Of course," she nods. I'm glad that she didn't see me as a pervert. Or she did see me that way, secretly.

After all, I almost kissed her in the middle of the street earlier.

Yes. I did remember everything.

I know who she is and what happened to me all the time. I just feel ashamed. Ashamed of admitting I wanted to kiss her.

To kiss my best friend's sister.

So this idea just came to my mind. I've read in some book that concussion can cause temporary memory loss. It's normal for me to lose memory then. Looks like she's buying it. The doctor seems to believe it too.

Amber leans forward and reaches out her right hand. When her fingertips meet mine, I feel an electric current runs through my arm, and then through my whole body.

I really need this. I need someone to hold my hand.

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