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Chapter 3 No.3
Words Count: 1326    |    Released on:08/10/2022

Amber's POV

What am I expecting exactly?

Of course he can't remember who I am. I know it all the time.

But why does it still hurt so much? To know that he really cares nothing about me.

After running for a while, I turn around. And no one even notices I've run away. Lewis is laughing, while Colten is pretty pissed. I can tell.

I sit on the narrow windowsill outside, trying to mend a broken heart. But that's hard. I can still see Lewis through this window. My eyes are still fixed on him even after I confirmed that I mean nothing to him. It's like I'm begging for more pain.


Lewis is laughing. But it's like he's faking it all the time. His laughs are deliberate and overblown. And he drinks a lot as if he's desperate to get drunk. He empties his glass all at once and turns to the whole bottle near him, drinking it up like it's just orange juice.

Maybe it's all the liquor he consumes that makes him hot, he unbuttons a little. I catch a glimmer of the triangles on his shoulders as he lift up his shirt for air to cool himself down.

And his collar bones are exposed. Below them must be his massive pecs. I can imagine. But when I see the obvious dividing line in the middle of his chest, I know he has massive pecs. And those lines... I wonder how they stretch on his body...

Stop it! No! I can't keep watching him like this all day long. He's sooooo addictive.

But he's too huge a temptation for me to resist. I give in and let myself sink in. So I have absolutely no idea that he's walking toward me.

I jump to my feet in panic when I finally realize it. He's walking closer and closer. I can't find a single place to hide here. Yet, the next second, he walks past me to the yard.

He doesn't even notice me.

I collapse to the windowsill. I'm such a fool. How can he ever care?

My gaze follows him to the yard. Soon two girls comes to him and they seem old friends. I know that because when they're chatting, the two girls are standing extremely close to him, like they're going to slide into his arms.

Jealousy floods in and I feel an impulse to drag him away from them.

"You can't do that!" My reason tells me. If I do that, I might end up being called a pervert.

But I'm dying to know who the two girls are. Why is he being so kind to them? I tiptoe to the bush near them, ready to do some eavesdropping.

After I reach my spot, I look at them carefully and find Lewis bending towards them. "No! Don't kiss any of them!"I'm screaming inside. I can't help but stick my head out of the bush and lean forward to see it more clearly. But somehow I feel something soft is blocking my right foot. In the moonlight, I concentrate to identify what it is.

Shit! It's a snake!

The next second, a shriek escapes me and I jump a meter away from it in panic.

Gosh. That was close.

But soon I realize I'm now completely exposed. Before Lewis turns to look at me, I stumble to my feet and rush to the house.

Thank god it's so dark here. No one can tell it was me screaming just now.

I get inside and flee to Nola's room upstairs. No one would guess I go upstairs. I'm positive. So I grab my T-shirt Nola puts in the chair and plan to get dressed and leave.

But maybe I should make sure the door is locked at first.

I sense someone is approaching. At a high speed.

It's impossible to lock the door now. So I have no choice but to hide again. But before I can make it to the closet, the door makes a noise. I look to the door, only to find that ... I can see nothing.

The light's out at the exact moment.

I'm not exposed. But it's not the time to relax now. Someone else did enter this room. I can hear the heavy breathing sound coming from the door.

But who will that be?

Lewis? He saw me running here? Did he recognize me?

Or maybe it's just Nola. After all, it's her room. Who else would that be?

I still dare not to speak. I might get killed if it's serial killer hiding in this party.

After quite a while, a male's voice is heard.

"Hello? It's so dark here."

Gosh! It's Lewis!

I hold my breath. I can't believe I'm in the same room with him. He is approaching. But I don't know what to do! Should... should I stay silent or just answer? Will he recognize my voice...

While I'm brainstorming, he speaks again. "Do you know what happen?"

"Maybe the bulb burnt out." I say as calmly as I can.

"I don't think so. The whole house is in darkness," he says in a casual tone.

"Then it must be the blackout," I reply.

Suddenly, I hear a dull sound. Something dropped to the floor, I guess. The next second, I realize my left hand is empty.

Idiot. My own phone dropped.

I bend over to grope for my phone in the dark. But I can't find it anywhere. When I'm about to give up the phone and just run, Lewis says, "Are you looking for this?"

I'm startled. He sounds so near to me. I stand up and wave my hands in the dark, trying to find out where he is. Soon my fingers touches something hard. It's must be my phone! "Yes. Thank you."

But abruptly a hand seizes my left arm. "I found you, little stalker," Lewis whispers to my ear. "No more hide-and-seek."

"Me? Stalker? You're crazy." I hurry to deny. Yet, Lewis chuckles a little and then he seizes the other arm of mine too. "Shouldn't you be more guilty? You're the one that spied on me." I can sense he's drawing closer and closer to me. In the end, he literally breathes these words to my face. His breath has the sweet and stimulating scent of alcohol.

What is happening right now? Is it just a dream? If it is, this is the best dream ever.

"Why don't you keep denying?" His words bring me back to reality. This is not a dream. Not at all. It's happening right before me!

I want to retort, but the only sound I can produce now is moans. Needy moans. Because his body is pressing against mine, and his fingers are busy climbing from my hand to my shoulder.

Soon, his fingers explore much more places on my body. Starting with my neck, my back and then my waist, my ... hips.

I feel paralyzed by his touch. So gentle, loving, warm...

And erotic.

"You like that, huh?" Now his fingers travel to my collar bones and he rubs my neck tenderly with his coarse fingers. Soon they settle on a single wisp of hair near my cheek. He takes that wisp and places it behind my ear. "Tell me your name. Then I'll continue."

He stops touching me.

"I don't want your touching." I push him aside in a sulk. "And you don't need to know my name." But I'm lying. I want his touching like crazy. I know I could never get enough of that the second he started it. It's like paradise to me.

However, it's too dangerous. To keep drowning in it. Once the power is back on, he'll treat me like a stranger again.

"I doubt that."

He pulls me in, cages me with his strong, muscular arms, and suddenly lifts my chin up.

"Try pushing me away this time."

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