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Chapter 3 No.3

Word Count: 1326    |    Released on: 08/10/2022



emember who I am. I

so much? To know that he re

o one even notices I've run away. Lewis is laug

ard. I can still see Lewis through this window. My eyes are still fixed on him even


overblown. And he drinks a lot as if he's desperate to get drunk. He empties his glass all

nbuttons a little. I catch a glimmer of the triangles on his s

gine. But when I see the obvious dividing line in the middle of his chest, I kno

tching him like this all day

t. I give in and let myself sink in. So I have

walking closer and closer. I can't find a single place to h

't even

owsill. I'm such a foo

old friends. I know that because when they're chatting, the two girls are

I feel an impulse to

tells me. If I do that, I might

y is he being so kind to them? I tiptoe to the

"I'm screaming inside. I can't help but stick my head out of the bush and lean forward to see it more clearly. Bu

It's a

escapes me and I jump a me

hat was

osed. Before Lewis turns to look at me, I

ere. No one can tell it

ld guess I go upstairs. I'm positive. So I grab my T-shir

make sure the door

is approaching.

de again. But before I can make it to the closet, the door makes a

out at the e

now. Someone else did enter this room. I can hea

will t

running here? Did

After all, it's her roo

might get killed if it's seri

hile, a male's

t's so da


. He is approaching. But I don't know what to do! Should... sho

g, he speaks again. "D

urnt out." I say

ole house is in darkness,

be the black

dropped to the floor, I guess. The next

own phon

n't find it anywhere. When I'm about to give up the pho

nds in the dark, trying to find out where he is. Soon my fingers

"I found you, little stalker," Lewis whi

oo. "Shouldn't you be more guilty? You're the one that spied on me." I can sense he's drawing closer and closer to me

Is it just a dream? If it is,

ng me back to reality. This is not a dream.

ns. Needy moans. Because his body is pressing against mine, a

ces on my body. Starting with my neck,

his touch. So gent


derly with his coarse fingers. Soon they settle on a single wisp of hair near my cheek.

s touch

to know my name." But I'm lying. I want his touching like crazy. I know I coul

owning in it. Once the power is back on

ubt t

his strong, muscular arms, a

ng me away

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