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Chapter 5 No.5
Words Count: 1260    |    Released on:08/10/2022

Amber's POV

It must be a joke! How can I ever make him hard like this?

His giant dick is now between my thighs. It feels hot and massive! I can't help but imagine how awesome it looks. And he's rubbing it against my thighs like he's already entered my secret place. So seductive. I feel my desire rising up inside like waves, lapping my heart brutally the way sea waves rush to shore.

No way! I'm all wet.

I can't do this anymore. If I stay here one more second, I might beg him on my knees to put his giant dick inside my body. But that is the last thing I should do now. Nola really scared the hell out of me just now. It's too risky to stay here. She might come again or others might. Besides, lots of people are looking for rooms. Someone else might knock too.

And it occurs to me that he still doesn't know who I am. So he gets erect like this in front of any girl? It doesn't matter if it's me or someone else?

It's kinda frustrating to know that he can have sex with any girl. Maybe that's the truth. I'm just one of the girls he will kiss. One of the girls that can make him hard. One of the girls he spent his night with.

"No! This needs to stop now!" my brain shouts. Then I push him away with all the force I got. "Maybe next time," I say to him and feel my way in the dark. Before he can figure out where I go, I touch the familiar wooden handle of the door. The door makes a noise when I open it. Soon, two arms circle my waist from behind. "Why do you have to go? I never want anyone so much like you."

It's followed by his sexy breathing sound behind my ear. And itchy kisses on my nape. He moves his hands from my waist up to my belly, and then my bosom... His steady hands wander casually on my body. The texture of his hands feels like a piece of warm, smooth sandalwood. I even smell its fragrance in my imagination. I feel my whole body lighter and lighter. All of these are so intoxicating.

"Do you mean what you said?" I ask with all the consciousness left in me.

"Of course. If I don't want you this much, why don't I just let you go?" His hands reach for my lips from behind. He turns me around and forces a lingering kiss on me.

I want to enjoy this kiss wholeheartedly. After all, this is the first time someone ever treats me as an actual woman, let alone this someone is Lewis! But the light might come back any minute. What if he knows it's me all the time? Will he feel disgusted by all those kissing, touching, and caressing? Will he still want to kiss me like this?

I struggle. He senses it and then looses his hands a bit. I take the chance to put my hand on his chest and push him a little. "I mean my words too. I need to go now."

"Fine." He puts his hands back to my waist. "But you forgot the introduction. You should at least tell me your name. I'm Lewis Rowland, by the way."

"Happy to know. But I'm not telling you mine now." I put his hands down. "Maybe next time." I drop this and run out of the room as fast as I can.


I try to catch my breath when I finally reach the crowds downstairs. I can't believe what happened just now. "Wait. Did I just flirt with him?"I ask myself. When I said those words, I didn't realize how seductive they sound. But I know Nola would say, "You're finally learning something."

No. Forget about the flirting. Did he really kiss me and touch me?

I stroke my lips. They're still trembling to the thrill they felt minutes ago. Then my hands move on to my neck. Although the marks Lewis left on my neck and nape are still swollen, I wonder if all the things happened just now are just my daily fantasy. I might wake up the next minute and find it's just another dream.

Suddenly, a strong flash of dazzling light stings my eyes. I cover my eyes with my palms. After I get used to the light a little, I open my eyes and found the house all lit up.

Only in the light can I know how fucked up I am. The tassels of my dress are all glued to my legs. One of my straps has slipped down my shoulder, halfway down my arm. And I feel some winds brush through my back. I put my hand backward, only to find the zipper is half-open. It's currently just above my waist.

I pull it up the back at once.

But luckily, I'm not the only one this messy here. The house looks like it has just woken up from a crazy wet dream. Everyone is having fun or just had fun. I can see some are busy tidying their clothes like I did, while some are still absorbed in kissing and caressing. On the sofa, some are lying down already, exchanging saliva hungrily. But then a high-pitched sound urges them to get lost.

Fuck no! It's Nola.

When I look down and try to confirm that I look normal, Nola yells at me. "Amber! Where have you been?"

I look up in panic. As she comes closer, I come up with something. "I was outside the house just now. The air-conditioner is off. It's hot as hell inside."

She's now observing me curiously. "Wait. Look at your hair! God no. Your neck! What have you done outside?"

I cover my neck in shock. It's so embarrassing. I can't help but curse myself. I should have hid. She must have found something.

"Okay. I know," Nola says calmly. While I'm startled. She knows I'm the one with Lewis in her room?

"Mosquitoes really like you."


After a second, I realize that Nola mistook the marks Lewis left on my neck for mosquitoes' attack. When I want to use this excuse she offers, Nola suddenly lowers her voice, "Or are they hickeys?" She grins while nudging my arm with her elbow. "You met some cute boy outside? Who is him? Do I know him..." She asks bunches of questions about the mysterious boy. All I can do is keep denying. She's almost right. But I'm the mysterious one. I chuckle secretly when I think of this.

Soon, Nola gets bored of my "I wish." She brings me to get drunk. But Colten shows up from nowhere. " Why are you still in that lousy dress?" He yells at me right after he spots me.

"You think this dress is lousy? I picked it for Amber." Nola stands up for me this time. Colten froze for a while. Then he eases up a little. "I didn't mean that. The dress is beautiful, but it's not for my sister." Colten turns to stare at me. "Go home with me now."

"But this party isn't over yet." I protest. The next second, I feel a chill down my spine. Somehow I feel someone is staring at me. I glance sideways and then I froze.

I look into Lewis's eyes.

But contrary to my heated gaze, he's glancing at me indifferently.

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