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Chapter 5 No.5

Word Count: 1260    |    Released on: 08/10/2022


How can I ever make

it looks. And he's rubbing it against my thighs like he's already entered my secret place. So seductive.

! I'm

dy. But that is the last thing I should do now. Nola really scared the hell out of me just now. It's too risky to stay

I am. So he gets erect like this in front of any

e that's the truth. I'm just one of the girls he will kiss. One of the

d feel my way in the dark. Before he can figure out where I go, I touch the familiar wooden handle of the door. The door makes a

ly, and then my bosom... His steady hands wander casually on my body. The texture of his hands feels like a piece of warm, smooth s

id?" I ask with all the

just let you go?" His hands reach for my lips from behi

man, let alone this someone is Lewis! But the light might come back any minute. What if he knows it's me all the t

t. I take the chance to put my hand on his chest and pu

you forgot the introduction. You should at least

." I put his hands down. "Maybe next time." I dr


ed just now. "Wait. Did I just flirt with him?"I ask myself. When I said those words, I didn't r

lirting. Did he really

neck. Although the marks Lewis left on my neck and nape are still swollen, I wonder if all the things hap

I cover my eyes with my palms. After I get used to the li

of my straps has slipped down my shoulder, halfway down my arm. And I feel some winds brush through my

up the bac

ving fun or just had fun. I can see some are busy tidying their clothes like I did, while some are still absorbed in kissing and ca

o! It'

m that I look normal, Nola yells a

with something. "I was outside the house just now.

Wait. Look at your hair! God no. Yo

sing. I can't help but curse myself. I sho

While I'm startled. She knows I'

es really


ers her voice, "Or are they hickeys?" She grins while nudging my arm with her elbow. "You met some cute boy outside? Who is him? Do I know him..." She asks bunc

runk. But Colten shows up from nowhere. " Why are you still

Colten froze for a while. Then he eases up a little. "I didn't mean that. The dress is be

cond, I feel a chill down my spine. Somehow I feel some

nto Lewi

ted gaze, he's glancin

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