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Chapter 7 Friends with
Words Count: 1092    |    Released on:15/10/2021

"Really?" I asked Mr Charles.

"Yes." He replied.

I can't believe that I, Dave, has already gotten the attention of the boss.

"Wow. How lucky am i?" I asked rhetorically.

"Very lucky." He answered anyway.

We both laughed.

We reached the office and he dropped me like before and went to park his car. I waited for him and we entered the company together.

I'm so happy that I have such good people around me.

Mr Charles went to his desk and I went to mine.

It didn't take take long before I was called by Mr Adams.

Thank goodness I came on time because by the look on his face, he isn't happy at all. Only God knows what he would have done to me if I was a second late.

"Dave!" He called.

"Yes sir." I answered as I rushed into his office.

"Take these papers and burn them outside!" He ordered.

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