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Chapter 4 Meeting the boss

Word Count: 1046    |    Released on: 14/10/2021



s my job. And Mr Charles? His just such a nice

h sir." I said an

that educated. I stopped going to school the moment my father die

ur shoe size?"

paid attention to

like I wouldn't stand a chance in getting that job. After all, I can

he tells me to come down

car. I'll be back in

stonishment starin

les cane

tique." He sai

and my jaws dropped. Every

es." I heard

friend." Mr C

ed foot in this place. It's almost as if

iend. It's just that work has got

ho is this with you?" Th

. He is the new errand boy I got f

how to put this but he certainly does

m here." Mr Ch

fix him up in a ji

is going to handle your clot

ir." I

Francis said and I f

to a diffe

e try out clothes."

d a black jeans from the ha

curtains and ch

shirt. I felt like someone was watching m

. She looks around my age bu

ely covere

u doing here

ed at me and

body shape." Sh

feel comfortable walking into a

n in there?" Mr

I'm almost d

harles is in a

hirt and the black

fit." H

d started taking a lot of c

ng?" I wondered

was doing and we c

re the best Francis

." Mr Franc

othes in a sack and gives

t of my job to carry

thing and we went back into his c

ur new clothe

y didn't ex

nough. You are really doi

tion it."

office and went straigh

looks ver


at to do with that bo

omeone to deliver a package to receptionist

nt as soon as possible

I heard my secreta

ning? Have you done what I

is is the new errand

g sir." The

not in a good mood to exchange

can deliver?" I

." Charl

him right away." I said a

over a document containing th

hrough them. He also went through the bluepr

ack to me." I sa

pers back and s

irty seven to bring the documents I

rkers here have their own table but it is lab

iving him those documents just

How did you k

ay on my way her

observing things."

" Charles

ed." I said

u sir." H

what's your n

" He r

come here."

plain everything you need to kn

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