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Chapter 2 Humiliated

Word Count: 1100    |    Released on: 14/10/2021

Adams POV...

"Bring me my coffee!" I yelled to my errand boy.

He stagers into my office with the coffee in his hand. He puts it on my table and leaves.

With my concentration on the laptop I was operating, I used my left hand to pick up the cup of coffee and sipped it.

I spit out the coffee immediately it touched my tongue.

"Henry!" I shouted.

"Yes sir?" He answers from outside my office and enters.

"What sort of coffee is this?!" I yelled.

"Uh... The creamy type sir?" He answered, not even sure of what he was saying.

"I said black coffee! I never asked you to add cream to it!" I yelled in anger.

"I'm so sorry sir. Please forgive me." He pleaded.

"I don't even know what to do with you! You are so useless!" I told him.

"You never get anything right! Now leave my office you fool!" I added and he runs out.

"What an idiot. Always distracted and lazy and of course he just had to be clumsy too. I said his name almost five times and when he finally comes he messes things up." I said aloud.

"Everyone of my employees must have heard me clearly but that boy!" I added.

I look my telephone and dial the number belonging to my secretary, Charles.

"Hello sir." He said.

"Come into my office." I said and dropped the call.

My secretary comes in after a few seconds.

"I'm here sir." He said.

"I need you to find a new errand boy for me. Someone who is trust worthy and hard working. This one has become as lazy as the others before him." I said.

"It will take sometime sir but I will make sure to do my best." He replied.

"Good to hear. You may leave." I said.

Charles leaves my office and I relax my back on my chair.

"I am so exhausted." I said.

I am a businessman. I choose to keep my personal life secret from my employees. I believe it is not wise for a wealthy and rich man like me to expose too much about myself. I work 24/7 and don't even have time for myself. I prefer to live life to the fullest at any chance I get.

I hate it when any one of my employees start slacking in work.

Once I notice such a person I get them fired and replaced immediately. Because of this habit of mine my employees tend to work harder than the employees of any other company. Time is money and I don't wish to waste my time.

"Back to work." I said to myself.

Dave POV...

It's getting late and I have to hurry up to make it home on time. Hilton already left eight hours ago.

"Hurry up with that car Dave. We have to close for the day soon." My boss said.

"I don't like it whenever I reach home very late. It's because I always meet my mother awake and worried waiting for me. My mother is my world so I want her to sleep on time so that nothing happens to her health.

I rushed everything and managed to finish on time.

"I'm done sir." I said to my boss.

"Okay. Take the tools inside and go home." My boss said.

I took all the tools inside and locked the door of the shop.

I and my boss finally parted ways and went home.

I reached home and as expected my mother is there waiting for me, seated on a chair.

"Mother. I've told you time and again never to this again. When it's time for you to sleep do so. Don't stress yourself because of me." I said.

"Dave, my son, you know I can't sleep till you are back from work. You are the only one i have and if anything happens to you I might as well kill myself." She said.

"No, mother don't say that. Nothing will happen to me and you will not kill yourself." I said.

My mother smiles at me. She kisses my forehead and prays for me.

"I love you my son. And I'm sure that if your father was alive he would be very proud of you." She said.

"I love you too mother. Nothing I do would succeed if not for your prayers for me." I said.

We hugged each other and went to sleep. Tomorrow is another day.

The next morning...

I woke up and I noticed that my mother wasn't next to me.

"Where is she?" I said as I push open the door wide open.

"Mother!" I shouted.

I looked everywhere around our house but still couldn't find her.

"Where could she be? What could have happened to her?" I said feeling so confused.

"Dave." I heard my mother's voice say.

"Mother? Where did you go?" I asked her.

"I only went to see my long time friend. I saw her just across the street. What happened?" My mother asked.

"Nothing. I just got worried. You should have told me before leaving." I said.

"You were sleeping. I didn't think it right to wake you up just because I want to cross the street." She said and laughed.

"It's not funny mother." I said in protest to her reaction.

"Sorry Dave. I just can't help but laugh. Just see the look on your face." She said.

I frowned childishly and went back into the house.

"Dave." She said and went after me.

After I took my bath I went to buy breakfast.

I'm running out of money but luckily for me it's almost the end of the month. I just hope that my boss will pay me on time this month.

"Mother I'm going to get us some food." I said.

"Okay Dave, but be back soon." She replied.

I went to the the usual shop I bought stuff from. The woman who owns the shop frowns after seeing me. I knew right away what would come next.

"Good morning madam. How are you doing today?" I greeted but she pays no attention to my greetings.

"Have you come to borrow something else?! If yes then you better find another shop to buy from because I can't lend anything to you anymore." The woman replied.

"Madam I came with money today. I'm not borrowing." I said.

"Really? Bring the money to me." She said and I gave it to her.

"This is going to be part of the payment for what you've borrowed the other times." She said.

My mouth fell open.

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