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Chapter 43 43

Word Count: 1062    |    Released on: 17/10/2021

Authoress POV

Dave followed the maid up the stairs and she opens a door for him to enter into.

He enters the room with his mouth wide open.

"Just ring if you need anything sir. That's the bell beside your bed." The maid said and closed the door.

Dave is amazed with the size of the room and he immediately let's himself fall on the bed. He sits up on the bed.

"I could get use to this. But this is not the time to relax. Not until I get what I want." He said.

Dave has finally found his helper. Someone who can help him to achieve his goal and that happens to be his best friend, Hilton.

How will Hilton be of help to Dave? What is Hilton's plan going to be? Read more to find out.

Dave POV

I laid down on the extremely soft bed and drifted off to dreamland...

—— locked chapter ——
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