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Chapter 15 Mr Adams finds out who Anna is

Word Count: 1058    |    Released on: 16/10/2021

Adams POV

I was waiting for the lady to pass by at the usual spot I expected her to.

I got bored of waiting and decided to walk around a bit, hoping to maybe bump into her.

Then I came across Dave's house and decided that maybe I should check if Charles has taken them away. Charles just arrived and I watched what he was doing.

He spoke some things to Dave before they decided to leave.

This is the point I got the greatest surprise of my life.

I saw the beautiful lady in question, coming out of Dave's house.

How could it be? So she is Dave's mother? Look at the way she looks so young and beautiful. My mouth fell open.

One would never expect that such a woman would have a son the age of Dave.

—— locked chapter ——
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