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Chapter 30 30
Word Count: 1086    |    Released on: 16/10/2021

Authoress POV

Early the next morning, Mr Adams himself picks up Dave from his home. Anna is very worried at what might happen to her son while he is in the arms of Mr Adams. She wishes she could tell her son to quit the job but all that she could think of is what she should tell Dave is the reason he should quit.

Anna was chocking up inside. She knows very well that she could stop her son but she is still caged in her guilt.

Mr Adams, on the other hand, has planned how the whole day would go and is sure that Anna would come to him without much talk.

As usual, Dave still stays in the dark. He is not aware of anything that is happening between his boss and his mother.

Let's watch what happens next, what really does Mr Adams have in mind?

Dave POV

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