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Chapter 17 New clothes for Anna

Word Count: 1141    |    Released on: 16/10/2021

Firstly, please, if you have come this far in my book, please write in the comments, what you think about it. Thank you.

Chapter seventeen

I was done with eating breakfast and I went outside to meet Mr Charles. 

I don't know what but it seemed to me that something just isn't right. Mr Charles is just behaving weird since today. 

I entered the car with him and he started the car. 

While he was driving u glanced at him for a moment. He looked like be was thinking about something. It was just as if he was planing what next to say to me and how to say it. I just didn't know what it was. 

"Sir?" I said. 

"Huh? Yes? What's the matter?" He replied. 

Something is definitely going on here. 

"Um nothing sir. I just thought that. I mean... You look so distracted." I replied. 

—— locked chapter ——
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