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Chapter 3 Dave's new look

Word Count: 1183    |    Released on: 14/10/2021

Chapter three

"Please madam. If you take that money from me I and my mother might starve to death." I begged the woman.

"You should have thought about that before owing that much money. Now, I will not give you and your mother anything till you pay off your dept." The woman replied.

"But madam..." I said.

"That's enough!" She cuts me off.

She had already created a scene and a lot of people are gathered around us.

Some of them kept saying that the woman should let me have the money back but most people said that I have no shame and that I should pay the woman her money.

I didn't know what next to do. I felt like disappearing right that very moment.

"Hey. What's going on here?" A man's voice said.

Charles POV

I was just passing by an area with my car after leaving from a meeting with some clients when I saw a crowd gathered.

I wanted to leave but then I saw people yelling at a boy. I decided to go and check what was happening.

"Hey. What's going on here?" I asked.

"This boy owes me a lot of money but he doesn't want to pay." A woman replied.

"Yes I owe you money but I never said I won't pay you back. I and my mother are struggling to survive. The work I have as a mechanic only pays enough money for food. Ever since my father died everything we had was taken from us. But do you people care?! Of course not! You only choose to see and say what you want!" The boy said with tears filled up in his eyes.

Everywhere became silent for some time.

"How much is he owing you? I asked.

The woman told me the amount and I paid.

I gave the boy a huge amount of money and offered to take him home.

He agrees to follow me. I'm guess it's because he doesn't want to walk on the streets with tears scattered all over his face.

We enter into my car and he directs me to his house. All this while I was driving him I kept wondering what I could do to help this boy.

That was when I remembered that Adams, my boss needs a new errand boy. But I need to test him to see if he is trust worthy.

I thought deeply about it and I got an idea.

"This is where I live sir. Thank you." He said.

"And thank you for what you did for me back there. I really appreciate it." He added.

That was when I realized that l didn't even talk to the boy all through the time we were in the car.

I came down from the car as well.

"Take me to your mother. I need to talk to her about something." I said.

"Okay. You helped me out so I guess I can't refuse." He said and starts walking.

"So, what's your name?" I asked.

"Dave." He replied plainly.

"How old are you." I asked.

He hesitates in answering.

I understand, it's weird being asked all these questions by a total stranger.

"I'm just curious. You don't have to tell me if you don't want to." I said.

"I'm eighteen years old." He replied.

We stopped at an old looking house that seems to only contain one room. I was right because when we entered it only has one room with a stove, a mattress and two wooden chairs. A woman was lying on the bed.

These people really have nothing.

"Dave who is this?" The woman asked.

He explains to the woman, who I've concluded to be his mother, what happened to him where he went to buy food.

He also tells her how I had helped him to pay the woman and also gave him a lot of money.

Tears came down the eyes of the woman and she thanks me for what I did for her son.

"My name is Charles. I work at a company owned by Mr Adams, as his secretary." I introduced myself to them.

"I'm Dave's mother." The woman replied.

"Nice to meet you madam. I came to talk to you about your son." I said.

"Why? Did he do something to offend you?" She asked.

"No madam. Far from that." I was wondering if he would want a job as an errand boy for Mr Adams in the company. I assure you it pays well." I said.

"Isn't that place too far? We don't have enough money for transport." Dave's mother asked.

"Don't worry about that madam, I'll be the one to take him there every day." I replied.

"No sir, you can't just do that. It would be a burden to you." Dave's mother said.

"Not really madam. You see, I live far down the road but I always pass by this area to go to work. Your son only has to be early and be prepared." I said.

"I don't know how to thank you enough sir." Dave's mother said.

"No problem. I have to go now." I replied.

I dropped money on the floor but made it look like a mistake.

I made sure to drop it in an angle that only Dave could see it.

I left their house and went straight to my car. Once I started the car Dave ran after me. Yelling for me to wait. I pretend not to see him and I zoom off.

The test has just began. I just have to wait for tomorrow. When i pick Dave up from his house.

If he gives me the money in one peace he gets the job, but if he spends the money he looses the job.

I got ready for work the next day and hopped into my car. I hope that boy is a good person. It's really very difficult finding an honest person for the job.

The first three boys ran away with Mr Adams' money when he sent them to the bank.

I reached where the boy lives and horned for him to come out.

He came out of the house looking so tattered. His cloths looked so old.

"You dropped your money yesterday sir." He said and hands it over to me.

I collected it and counted the money. Wow, it's complete.

"Thank you Dave." I said.

"No problem." He replied.

"Aren't you ready yet?" I asked him.

"I am. Sorry sir but this is the best clothes I've got." He answered.

I have to do something about this. If this boy appears before Mr Adams like this Mr Adams would take him to be a gold digger.

"Okay. I'll have to buy you some cloths then. It wouldn't look good if by our go looking like this." I said.

"It's okay sir. I don't want to stress you." He replied.

"In our company, looks matters a lot. Hop in and I'll get you new cloths. You don't have a choice." I said.

"Thank you so much sir." He said happily.

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