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Chapter 8 Mr Adams got ost in thought
Words Count: 1162    |    Released on:15/10/2021

Chapter eight

Charles' POV

Mr Adams just left me in charge of everything while he left the company happily with Dave.

I haven't seen this side of Mr Adams before. He looked so happy. I just hope the relationship they have between them becomes something of benefit to this company and not it's downfall.

Well, however it may end, I still have work to do.

Hilton POV

"No mom! What happened to the University we have here!?" I said in anger.

"We know what's good for you Hilton and that university isn't good enough for you." My mom replied.

"Really? You want what's best for me? Or maybe you just want to push me as far away as you can from Dave?" I replied.

"That's enough Hilton! Not a single word! You are going to study abroad and that's final." My dad yelled.

"But... But..." I said.

—— locked chapter ——
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