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Chapter 38 38
Word Count: 1043    |    Released on: 17/10/2021

Dave POV

"You have the right to be silent! Anything you say or do will be used against you in the court of law!" One of them said.

They cuffed me and took me out of the uncompleted building.

I don't understand. What did I do?

Did they spot me stealing from that bakery?

No. That's not possible. I made sure no one was there and... My movement wasn't to be suspected right?

We arrived at the police station and was pushed into a room. A man came in and sat at a table.

It was just one table in available and that one table had two chairs which faced each other.

The man already sat on one and I figured he wants me to seat at the other end.

I walked straight to the table and sat on the chair.

"Stallone! You have a call to answer!" The man, who I think is guarding the door said.

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