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Chapter 5 Mr Adams dropped me home

Word Count: 1043    |    Released on: 14/10/2021

I've gotten the job and it still wows me. I thought it would be those kind of interviews that they ask professional questions but this was different. Just a test and I passed.

"The job is very simple. All you have to do is sit on the best very close to his office and ensure to answer him immediately he calls you." Mr Charles said.

"Okay sir. I will do my best." I replied.

"I hope you have good hearing, because Mr Adams doesn't like to call more than once or twice." He said.

"Yes sir. And I'm very fast." I replied.

"That's good. It will help a lot. Follow me. I'll give you a tour of the company." He said.

"Okay sir." I replied and followed.

Soon enough the tour was over. Mr Charles told me to sit at my desk till Mr Adams calls me.

He goes in to tell Mr Adams he was done with me and then comes out and goes to his desk.

I sat there for almost an hour before Mr Adams finally calls.

"Dave!" He said.

" Yes sir." I answered immediately and went to his office.

"Table AA8 is done with his documents. Get it for me." He said and I zoom off.

I don't want too seem lazy to him so I make sure to do everything he says as fast as my legs can carry me.

I got the documents from table AA8 as he said and brought it to him in his office.

"Keep it over there." He said, pointing to the left side of his desk.

I kept the documents there and turned to leave but he called again.

"Dave." He said.

"Yes sir." I replied.

"I need a refill." He said, pointing to an empty cup on his desk.

"Okay sir." I said and picked up the cup.

"How do you like your coffee sir?" I asked.

He looked up at my face.

"You are a very smart boy. Others before you would just go without asking." He said.

"Thank you sir, but it was Mr Charles that told me to ask you each time you ask for coffee. He said you take coffee with cream and sometimes without." I replied.

"That's good. I can see you pay very good attention." He said.

"Yes sir." I replied.

"Okay. You can go and get the coffee now. I want it plain." He said and I left.

During the tour Mr Charles thought me how to respond to Mr Adams, I don't really do much of all this formal talk. He also thought me how to use the coffee maker.

I returned with the coffee and gave it to him.

The day was almost over. I'm feeling very tired.

Charles POV

Mr Adams called me on the telephone.

"Come to my office." He said and dropped the call.

I left what I was doing and went straight to his office.

"You called for me sir." I said.

"Yes. I need you to go somewhere for me. I have a meeting to attend in five minutes. Our company is planning on signing a contract in the next two days. The meeting is for us to discuss about it. A friend of mine just arrived from his trip and I want to see him tonight at a bar." Mr Adams said.

"I'm right on it sir." I replied and left his house.

I took all the necessary documents with me and went outside. I started my car and zoomed off.

Mr Adams POV

My long time friend, Johnson, has landed here. I have to go and see him while I still can. It's been too long. I already spoke to him on the phone and he agreed to meet me.

I cleared my desk and came out of my office. Dave was still there at his desk. He looked very sad.

"Aren't you going home? We are done for today." I said.

"I can't. I don't know the way back home. Mr Charles was supposed to take me home but he left without me." He replied sadly.

I felt so guilty. I had sent Mr Charles to attend a meeting but I never knew he was supposed to take this boy home.

"It's okay. I'll take you home." I said.

"Thank you sir." He replied.

"Come with me." I said.

Dave followed me to my car and gave me his address. It turned out that his house was close to the place I was to meet my friend. I dropped him home and I was surprised to see the kind of house he lived in.

He dressed so well but his house looks like poverty.

He thanked me and I drove off to meet my friend.

"Ah. Johnson. It's good to see you again." I said when he walked towards me.

I was already seated in the bar and had arrived earlier than him. We were seated outside the bar in order to breath in some fresh air.

"It's been too long Adams. Five years is no small deal." He said.

"I'm so happy to see you my friend." I said.

"I'm happy to see you too Adams." He replied.

"Take anything you want. The bill's on me." I said.

"Okay then." He replied.

We ordered all kinds of drinks. We even almost got high.

I paid the bar worker and got up to leave with Johnson. We were just about to leave part ways when a beautiful woman suddenly passed by.

"Hey!... Hey!..." I called out. She didn't turn and she seems to have increased the speed she walked.

"That woman is very beautiful." Johnson said.

"Yes. Do you think she ignored me on purpose?" I asked.

"I don't know. Maybe she just didn't hear you." He replied.

During our youthful times, I and Johnson were known as the biggest playboys.

The only thing keeping us away from from women is our busy schedules.

"I've got to have her." I said.

"Just forget it Adams, your job will never allow you do what you want. And even if it did, you don't know where she lives." Johnson said.

"Don't you trust your friend? I will find out everything in no time." I replied.

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