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Chapter 33 33
Word Count: 1024    |    Released on: 16/10/2021

Dave POV

I covered up my mother's dead body right in front of the house that Mr Adams gifted us.

In the same dirty clothes and feet without taking a bath, I went straight to Mr Adams' company.

I entered the company and all eyes were on me. I couldn't care less of what they said or thought. I came with an aim and that aim I must accomplish.

"Come out of your office you bastard!" I yelled.

"Dave what are you doing?" Asked Mr Charles.

"You are not innocent of this treacherous act either. You and Mr Adams have to answer to me now." I said.

"Dave are you crazy? What are you talking about?" Mr Charles asked.

"I am talking about what you and Mr Adams have been doing behind my back." U replied.

"What? What did we do behind your back?" Mr Charles asked.

—— locked chapter ——
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