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Chapter 44 44

Word Count: 1134    |    Released on: 17/10/2021

Authoress POV

The next day, Hilton and Dave got up early from bed. Today was Dave's first day at work.

Hilton and Dave got dressed and got into one of Hilton's cars.

The driver dropped them at the company and drove off.

Dave has started his journey of revenge. Unlike before, Dave now has a plan and all thanks to his reunion with his best friend.

Dave POV

I and Dave walked towards his office. All eyes were on us.

I even heard some ladies ask who that handsome hunk beside the boss is but I paid no attention to them.

Hilton was greeted by his employees as he passed by them.

Finally, we reached his office and he closed the door behind us.

He sat down at his desk and sighed.

I made myself comfortable on the seat in front of him.

He did some paperwork and then looked up at me.

"You will be my secretary." He said.

—— locked chapter ——
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