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Chapter 12 Anna's stalker
Words Count: 1084    |    Released on:16/10/2021

Dave POV

It's another new day. Although I'm kind of upset that Mr Adams postponed the day he was supposed to transfer us to a new house.

Oh well, who am I to oppose? It's not my money and it's not my house.

"Good morning mother." I said to my mother immediately she woke up.

"Good morning son. You're getting ready for work already?" She asked.

"Yes mother. I'm afraid I might not have time for breakfast today because I don't think I have enough time to go and buy it." I replied.

"That's why I am your mother. Don't worry. I'll get it for you." She said.

"Thanks a million." I replied.

She left the house and went on her way as I continued preparing.

Anna POV

I'll definitely not let my son go to work on an empty stomach. Not when I know that there is enough money for food.

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