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Chapter 39 Or Make You Stronger
Words Count: 1049    |    Released on:24/02/2022

“Have a seat Ms. Morgan,” he instructed as he took his own knife from a utility belt around his waist. Brooke took a seat across from Aunt Rayah, who seemed worried but otherwise well composed despite having a knife pointed at her throat.

“Are you alright?” she asked her aunt, wondering why Nathan hadn’t sensed the men in the house before he left.

“I’m fine,” she assured her. “But if this man doesn’t get that knife out of my face, he’s going to be holding it in his posterior.”

Beau and William looked at each other before laughing. William waved at Beau to put the knife away and he did.

Brooke turned her attention to William. “Why are you doing this? Why don’t you just leave us alone?”

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