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The Bitten Born

The Bitten Born

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Chapter 1 Remembrance

Word Count: 1082    |    Released on: 24/02/2022

in order to finish his latest magazine issue. Normally it didn’t bother Brooke, but the moon was full. Eve

ustion of the day pull her into sleep. Though she knew that she would fight through a night of terror while she slept, i

g to do with it

there,’ a man h

see again!’ the

ng metal, sprinkling of shattered glass, a f

n a cold sweat j


stracted and annoyed. Brooke had decided to try therapy in order to re

to remember you wil

she took a left turn towards her doctor’s office. “Anyway,

id reluctantly b

she was on her t

l scary, but I’m always here. If you want to stop jus

we would visit with family in th

he faces of the people around you?” Dr

ed glass. I remember a woman, I think my mother saying that, ‘W

remember?” he asked while

relative at a barbecue get together with a

iet as the mem

ommanding her legs to stand and m

ut always getting up to keep going. She kept the fur ball in her sights, delighted as it jumped and darted in front of her, le

oming after her. He backed away, warily as she continued to toddle toward him. A big person halted her progress, scooping her up in loving arms to carry her a


me a chase. She saw herself growing taller and her legs became stronger as the puppy became

with ease. She stopped running when her legs became tired and her lungs became winded. She was rea

noring the warning in her head

e closer she got, the more frantic he became pulling the snare tighter as she took note of

eck and slipped it over his head but as she did, she noticed that the wolf’s hair became thinner and his body began to shift

opened his eyes and she caught a glimpse of them shifting from crystal blue to deep hazel. She became l

rld of darkness but she

th a woman,

s not a game. Someone could get hu

y step on it and get hurt then i

e packs work an eye for an eye! And more… We

there,’ a man h

see again!’ the w

g metal, sprinkling of shattered glass, a fl


oster said as Brooke opened her e

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