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Chapter 14 She is Your Rib
Word Count: 1064    |    Released on: 24/02/2022

Nathan had been anticipating Brooke’s arrival all day. The last of the new furniture and appliances had been installed. He’d gotten a jump on scheduling the kitchen and bathroom remodel she had in mind and picked up a collection of magazines, pamphlets, and swatches for her to look through. So, when he got her text about stopping at a hotel and waiting until the next day to get to the cabin, he couldn’t help but calling to make sure that she was alright.

“Yes, I’m fine. Just been driving all day and it’s nearly sunset.”

Her voice was light and friendly, but he could hear how tired she was.

“A good meal and a night of rest should do the trick,” she assured him.

“Yes, ma’am. Do me a favor and call when you’ve checked in,” he told her.

“I certainly will. And thank you, Mr. Cross.”

“Of course, Ms. Morgan.”

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