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Chapter 32 Girls’ Night
Words Count: 1201    |    Released on:24/02/2022

“After you,” Brooke agreed. “Tell me about the organization you volunteered with. Tell me about the day I arrived.”

“I wasn’t much older than you are now, Brooke. I was a nurse at the time, and I’d seen just terrible things that people went through in abusive homes. I was recruited by another nurse. At first, it was basically transporting mothers and children. But you arrived alone. The organization wanted to place you with a volunteer that understood the need to bury your past. I met you. You were so sweet even though you were very confused. There were bruises, but they healed quickly and completely disappeared.”

“What kind of bruises?” Nathan asked.

A look crossed her aunt’s face, and Brooke almost already knew what she was going to say.

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