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Chapter 31 Nothing but the Truth
Words Count: 1254    |    Released on:24/02/2022

Brooke woke the following morning. Nathan left the house before she woke up. She was still a bit overwhelmed by the lightning fast relationship status she’d been given by Nathan. He’d called her his mate, which seemed to mean something more serious than fiancé even if they weren’t exactly married. He’d assured her that the status was completely voluntary and she could exit if she wanted. She wasn’t sure if she did or if she didn’t. So she decided to treat it more like a pre-engagement. Hopefully, by the time he found a ring and proposed again, she would know for sure that she wanted to be his mate.

After she showered and had a cup of coffee, she opened her phone to a video call from her aunt. She knew that she needed to have a conversation about their relationship. She needed questions answered. At the same time, she didn’t want to lose the only family she ever knew.

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