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Chapter 10 Devious
Words Count: 1151    |    Released on:24/02/2022

Before the meeting adjourned, Nathan could see it in Cole’s eyes and he could feel it in his heart. The packs didn’t have the resources to go up against a global conglomerate of hired hunter mercenaries. The only agreement the enclave could come to was that each pack needed to secure and defend itself from the threat of the hunters.

As the gathering turned social, Nathan went further into the woods to be alone. The moon was full and bright, calling for him to run towards it and carry his loneliness away from the cheerful socializing of all the packs that were not and would never be his own. He reminded himself that he still had Ellis’ proposal to fall back on. He might not be able to own the entire land but Brooke Morgan was willing, he would be able to help preserve it. It meant that he would have to work with Brooke, but he was certain by the time she called him, he’d be able to control his emotions.

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