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Chapter 4 An Ending and a Beginning

Word Count: 908    |    Released on: 24/02/2022

Marcus scolded him after he told him about his meeting

e’s a dying old man with final

“You could have at least take

me, he’d have done it out in th

f your standing. But, you are not a lone wolf, or a rogue. You are my

ell. But Nathan had been born to be an Alpha i


at Ellis revealed about the attack of his pack

ven conside

n oppor

han’s answer. He knew that Marcus wanted Nathan as an ally in the pack. But

ty from the relative,” Na

ou going t

e the money. Then we’d have a majority of Sweetgrass I

tical,” Marcus

t, but think about the nex

he possibilities. “We will speak to my father.

han asked

ht. I am backing you

an smiled feeling

g to wait to tell you


ged, “Alphas

ed and hugge


ere will be more weddings and more babies…” Marcus trail

, we

funeral? Maybe you will

ck from Marcus. He wasn’t sure if the old man’s proposal was about easing his own guilt and conscience but d

woman and established as a not for profit wild life preserve. Being from the city with no knowledge of the area, his relative would need help. His Will would stipulate

nt to deal with the hassle of reviving an entire is

r. I’ll pay my respects to the relative he thinks will wan

? Maybe we can look her

me within ninety day

ll in a good mood after the wedding and with Clara with expecting, he m


t stood a head taller than him. Something that would naturally change as Cole aged and Nathan came closer to taking over the pack. “The first thing to con

int,” Ma

r packs to incorporate and purchase the land to

ars since an conclave has conven

taken out?” Nathan felt an impulsive flash of anger

as Cole placed a ha

nd then, “You either want to fight against the p

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