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Chapter 29 Where She Began
Words Count: 1066    |    Released on:24/02/2022

The revelation was like an explosion in Brooke’s head. “I don’t understand…” she whispered even though she was certain she did. “My Aunt… she was my fathers sister. She…”

Ms. Mabel shook her head. “It was the story of your dossier so you could go to school and grow up with a stronger sense of family.”

“So the pictures and… none of it was real? Does she know what I am? Does

She know anything about my father… Do you?”

“I never met your father but with your mother’s real name you should be able to find a marriage license on file. I can’t tell you how much your Aunt might know. I never met her.”

“Why did familiars turn into hunters?” Brooke couldn’t wrap her head around the idea.

“I can’t tell you what caused the rift between shifters and familiars,” Ms. Mable stated. “I’m afraid that’s all I know.”

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