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The Bitten Born

The Bitten Born

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"Nathan Cross is a shifter born to be an alpha. The loss of his family after an attack on his home of Sweetgrass Island has left him little more than a rogue. The last request of a dying man brings good fortune and Brooke Morgan into his life. While customs dictate that shifters are not to mix with humans, Nathan can’t resist an urgent pull towards Brooke that is much more than fate. Working together, they begin to revitalize the island, discovering symbols and uncovering legends that begin to unlock the mysteries that intertwine their troubling pasts. However, a global organization, Omega Development, wants the island for themselves and will do whatever it takes to get it from them. As their bond grows stronger, the odds against them stack higher. When the only choices they have left mean life or death, can they risk it all to stay together? The Bitten Born is created by Rasheedah Prioleau, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author. "

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Latest Release: Chapter 50 Family Tree   10-12 18:01