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Chapter 2 Call of the Moon

Word Count: 956    |    Released on: 24/02/2022

eyes and wild raven hair. It was the last time he’d been able to run wild and free on his own. The faded scar always irritated him the closer it got to the full moon. It was a reminder

Nathan near the river, his dark skin glowing as he stoo

ng the wrong idea,” Natha

e commented. “Single alpha

ce,” Nathan said wa

he’s pe

the pack. Nathan agreed biting against any il

’d saved his life by doing so. But, he knew he’d never have enough standing in the pack to be matched properly. H

they should have said to each other as their f

n followed directly behind, losing himself to the feel of adrenalin rushing through his body with the shift into gray wolf form and the win

back to find Marcus. He stayed with him to hunt and eat before they returned to the rest of the pack. Marcus disappeared with Clara, once they returned while Nathan found his way to the garage behind the gas station that he managed. The p

feel of the paper envelope was different, heavier than most and the golden return address of the attorney that sent it gli

g Sweetgrass Island, his original pack lands . As one of the last of his pack, he was listed on t

grass Island. My client, Raymond Ellis, III is preparing his last Will and testame

e made his six foot four frame feel dwarfed by its three story columns and massive staircase. He was greeted by a kind older woman w

ds, Mr. Parker’s secretary. He and Mr. Ellis

Nathan sensed nervousness, bu

well tailored three piece suit and wire rimmed glasses. He

n flannels and steal toed boots, carrying guns and knives at the ready to hunt his kind down. But the man

ined. “If you’ll have a seat, my client wishes to disc

nly thing he wanted to know, since Raymond Ellis migh

happened to my fami

picked up a file and handed it to Nat

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