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Chapter 42 Too Many Weeks
Words Count: 1146    |    Released on:24/02/2022

“We should kill him,” Marcus suggested after Nathan had William Francis bound for delivery to the mainland for a face to face with Cole.

“Maybe, but let’s keep him around. He might be able to help us with Brooke when she comes back.”

“You mean when she comes back wanting to hunt and kill us?” His voice was teasing, but the undertone was serious. “Hunters becoming shifters? Did you know about this?”

“Yes… I was told something about it a few days ago, but…”

“Brooke?” Marcus filled in.

“Despite the history and her lineage, Brooke is not to blame. She’s innocent and caught in the middle.”

“We won’t be able to help her if she comes back, Nathan. She will have a better chance with Omega Development.”

“No.” Nathan didn’t want to hear that.

“I know how difficult this is.”

“Marcus, I can’t lose her.”

Marcus nodded his understanding and switched topics. “Something else is bothering you.”

—— locked chapter ——
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