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Chapter 9 : Acceptance

Word Count: 819    |    Released on: 29/01/2022


asion. She was however, the first to make him feel some remorse for the comment that carelessly slipped from his lips. When a woma

ness. Not yet. The rest of the evening carried on without the guests of honor. Malik wouldn’t stop such an extravagant evening just because she didn’t want to be t

er the edge of the building, sharpening his vision to see Byron carrying an unconscious Vanessa. The sight of blood on that island blue dress, her arms and legs dan

y. She wasn’t even touched, just drained. The vampire that just tried to kill her was too far gone. However, they don’

or Byron. It was…for her. Then Malik would come for him. He could show that much mercy. Come for Byron he

” Malik st

distraught and confused, but Rylie seemed to know her place and knew that there wasn’t a thing sh

aron and Julius, grabbed Byron by the arms and took him away. Malik and By

were waiting. It was set up like a court room. In the center was where they exe

punishable by death. Do you have any word

’t let him. I understand death didn’t nee

y go

to Byron’s chest to rip his heart out, there she was. The blue eyes that met Malik’s were no longer Byron’s, but hers…Vanessa stood protectively in front of Byron. Her cheeks were flush

shing into his eardrums like a spigot bursting. “You can’t kill him!” he could see from the look in her

s brow, “I can

rl’s hair was sticking to her face from how mu

od behind Vanessa, growling at her, but she ignored it. Her gaze n

me ins

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