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Chapter 49 : I Do
Word Count: 1050    |    Released on: 29/01/2022

Vanessa – Two Months Later

“I’ll do her hair.” Rylie smiled as Katrina was on makeup duty. After everything settled down, Katrina wanted to have a relationship with Vanessa and Byron, which they easily agreed to. She did save them all that day. It was also a good way to just have family. Vanessa and Malik announced their engagement, and everyone was hot on the wedding planning.

“For being asleep for centuries, you’re really good with makeup.” Vanessa told Katrina.

“Rylie taught me but thank you. I really like this stuff. It looks and tastes better than the 17th century crap.” Katrina replied as she applied the contour stick.

Rylie smirked as she wrapped Vanessa’s long hair around the curling iron, “I taught you, but you’re killing it.” She fluffed out some of the hair to give it some volume. “How is baby doing?”

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