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Chapter 5 : The Invitation

Word Count: 926    |    Released on: 29/01/2022


levitated into her throat. Did she even hear him

an, you could say I just lost my mind and I’m trying to conjure some wicked excuse as to why I

?” Byron stayed silent and allowed her to process which she needed. This wasn’t something you hear every day. This was something you hear on a bad reality show or something you read in a boo

ce, she could honestly say this was the last thing she expected to hear. The shock was apparently more stressful than she realized as it declared war on her s

they were known as the undead. The questions whirled out of control through her mind as she grabbed some toilet paper and wiped her nose and mouth. By

rabbed the cloth and wiped her face.

o her feet, “I’ll tell you everything. J

lass of ginger ale and some soda crackers in her

into my brain. I

e everything. I’ll process as you go and d

It seemed upbeat and exciting and everything I needed to get out of my own h

d. I understoo

ing that night. He showed me around the club as if I were some VIP. Just as I started to get comfortable, we sat down to have a drink and the next thing I knew, I felt a sharp pain in my neck, and I collapsed. I woke up feeling this need to

ssure at all.” Vane

t you know that I love you and say goodbye.” Byron’s voice shook at his last words, and he wiped a few sp

in New York with him, and she had no plans of leaving any earlier than she had to. The news left much to process still, but Vaness

e, “He rules this city. He’s a

take Rylie and I to, wil

o have to come, because Ma

r m

arty. Malik really wants to meet

r brows, “What the

the parking lot at the

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