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Chapter 3 : Pure Blood

Word Count: 828    |    Released on: 29/01/2022

Three ye

pumping fresh, hot blood through their veins. Humans were so easily entertained. Malik Cromwell stood up on the balcony of his night club and loo

touching her, he could even sense the point where her panties grew damp. The boy was experienced and picked up on it as well even though he didn’t even need to touc

pain, and once he worked past her barrier, he’d send her away and make her forget everything. But the taste of food, he’d never known in his life. Malik was a pure blood vampire. He’d never known the struggle of human existence. He was born into the world of vampirism. Man

h the Balthazar blood line that he could co-exist without incident. He was bound to a law that he could not kill more than a hundred humans per year and couldn’t kill his own kind. If one of his vampires killed a pureblood, they were sentenced to death. He could turn humans as long as he took responsibility for them, and he did. They became his family. Malik had lost his parents c

e stud with his group of frat brothers. He normally had Chad the bouncer throw out the type, but watching the one who went by Byron Owens caught his eye. Owens

would like to introduce myself.” He

of Malik’s hand and s

e with her this time of year. Malik had seen how humans react to tragedy in more ways their little minds could comprehend. He almost saw himself in the boy, not just because they both lost their parents, b

simply set out to do what was best for him. Malik took Byron under his wing, led him away from his friends, bui

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