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Chapter 26 : An Igniting Touch

Word Count: 1074    |    Released on: 29/01/2022


Vanessa shook her head, “No Rylie…I’m not going to kill Malik.”

Rylie looked at her with a sly grin, “Oh, you’re not, are you? And why is that?”

Vanessa shot a death glare at her, “You said that because you wanted to hear me say I wouldn’t do it didn’t you?!”

Rylie laughed, “I’m your best friend, I’m not going to judge you for falling for the guy who was going to execute your brother.”

“I haven’t fallen for Malik I just…”

Rylie blinked knowingly and folded her arms, “You just…what?”

Vanessa huffed in frustration.

“It’s okay to say it V.” Rylie mused.

“I shouldn’t like him!”

“You shouldn’t, but you do!”

“Well, I don’t want to!”

“Nobody can help who they fall in love with.”

“I don’t know if I’m really in love with him. But I do care for him. That I can admit truthfully.”

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