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Chapter 7 : A New World

Word Count: 1125    |    Released on: 29/01/2022

ad Vanessa more intrigued than she wanted to be. Before seeing his face, she thought of Malik as the monster that took her b

ulled Byron aside, “Okay, mayb

eminine chuckle, “You m

her best friend’s shoul

n approaches you, introduces himself, throws an all-cla

ure what w

neither do I

amn panty-dropping smile on his face. “Miss Owens, Miss S

he knew would be like, ‘Ladies, having a good time?’ But here was Malik, spea

dress, this was perfect. Although I really

’t have to wait in line.” Malik winked. “What ab

s! I look forward to putting on a party dress and seeing what Lust has to offer. My s

push it. “If my club isn’t to your liking, I’m sure we can find something in my city that measures up to your standards.” He then

face was. First she just lied her ass off about her true feelings on the cl

ables looked like an edible arrangement. What struck Vanessa as odd was that her and Rylie were the only humans at the table. Th

ng. She froze as Malik placed his large hand on the small of her back and took her other hand into his. He seemed to get that she was

hough he just waltzed out of a Jane Austin novel. Vanessa

what does that mean?” she asked as he

a vampire.” He answ

t know vampires

lost my parents a long time

ppened t

ered me their daughter, but I wanted to build this city instead. I wanted to co-exist with humans. There

hat your parents wer

e smirk, “It was a

nt’s death and

a human. Of cours

r blood began to boil under her flesh.

ould you cal

the dance floor. She sensed arrogance in Malik, and it was one of the things that made him so damn sexy. But hearing him say ‘just a human’ made it sou

How many people knew this city was under the thumb of some ancient vampire, or however the hell old he was? Did he pride himself on

duck into an alley. The fog dissipated and she turned, ready to confront Malik. But the figure that stood before her was not him. She didn’t recognize the man as someon

hen Vanessa spoke again, drool began to pour from his mouth, and he started to laugh maniacally. He

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