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Chapter 47 : A Twist

Word Count: 1183    |    Released on: 29/01/2022


Vanessa looked at Katrina as she raised her gun up to Malik. She closed her eyes as she would not watch him die. But the gunshots. There was…two? She opened her eyes to see two bodies splattered all over the floor. Malik stood there all in one piece, his eyes on her, smiling at her. He held his arms out to her and she rushed into them, squeezing him tightly. He was alive. Byron was alive and getting his mind back. Alec and Alfred were no more than a red splattered mess on the ground. Was it over? Was it really all over? She sobbed with relief into his chest. Malik’s embrace had never felt better. The way he smelled made her soul swell up with joy. My Malik, she thought to herself. She felt his shoulders shaking. Was he really laughing at a time like this? She pulled back and slapped him across the face, “You a**hole! You knew you were going to survive, didn’t you!”

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