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Chapter 2 : Blurred Lines

Word Count: 1232    |    Released on: 29/01/2022

nt passed away from breast cancer, and all they had in their little world was each other. Vanessa pushed people away, while Rylie cope

nored those. It was most likely about an extended car warranty. But something inside the pit of her stomach u

e asked in


hone on the hard wood floor and stood by the counter, white a


m the little speaker, "Vane

nessa through the past three years and picked up the phone. "Who is this?" she sneered. Rylie was a redhead and her


le introvert. If this is who I think it is, she is currently

ry, he called his little sister and let her know she'd never see her only family ever again. After all this time, he should be ripped apart. It also pleased him to

ay I please spe

at Byron was saying. She quietly nod

sa could barely g

you b

sed to believe

After all this time, after all the nights she cried herself to sleep, there was Byron, staring at her through the other line. He looked every bit o

u Little V. I want yo

rocess his invitation, "Wh

an come here and I'm asking you to please

. Byron was there to hold her while she cried and processed. That Byron wasn't there for her for this conversation. The Byron that told her he was ne

. I've sent you a

ining itinerary. This was all so sudden. But what could she do or say

really b

swear on our parent's graves I will be there to come

to sleep every night for an entire year demanded she

d as she pulled some b

nce was worse than my parent's death. And now he comes out of nowhere and wants me

to go through wi

rl who lost him, I

rubbed her arm soothingly. "You s

alls. At some point I stopped crying. If it

my Aunt Jenny lost her battle to breast cancer, I probably wou

would've been Ricardo and he owns some mans

o multiple pregnancies." Ryli

s will be compensating fo

and he reached out. Above everything, it was shocking to hear from him. What he did was cold and cruel, but when she remembered the sweet boy who dropped out of college to take care of her after

ar span of not seeing or hearing from him. They went to baggage claim where Byron stood in a black leather jacket, an electric blue tee shirt, and jeans. He was the Byron she remembered. The tee shirt and black leather jacket hott

r that it hit her. Byron had changed. What once

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