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Chapter 30 : Love Bites

Word Count: 1029    |    Released on: 29/01/2022


Vanessa felt as if her chest could burst. She was in love with him too, but she wished he didn’t say that. Not right now. Not with everything that was happening. She still had the weight of having to kill him or let Byron suffer on her shoulders. The only way to make the decision easier was to leave Malik. But just this one night, she could give herself one night. She grabbed him and kissed him, her lips and tongue expressing the feelings she could not bear to give words.

Malik seemed to understand her gesture and returned the kiss, showing her what his words meant. Forgetting the noise, the people, the atmosphere around them, Malik whisked her away to the limo. “I planned on taking you in the club tonight, but this all feels too sacred. We need to go home.”

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