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Chapter 8 No.8

Word Count: 2285    |    Released on: 20/04/2022

"Dad!" I answered the phone happily. After a long months papa still didn't come home. I understand if it's about the business but why are you taking so long?

"How's my hija there?" Everyday, it becomes a routine for us to call each other. Savier, took over the Dela Rama Company because papa was not there yet. I heard, our company became famous in business world because of Sav. I am happy for him! Those months we celebrated his 25th birthday. I can say that we have become even closer to each other.

In my secret world, I was content with just admiring my uncle. I was content because that was what it should be. I even witnessed him change his girlfriends like how he change his clothes ;When old and dirty, it will be removed,and never to be used again.

He didn't take them seriously and that's give me a fine breathing. It's better that way, because I don't think I can bear to see him fall for someone else while I'm secretly hurt by falling for him.

"I am fine dad. When are you going home? I-It's December dad." Sadly I ask. It's my first Christmas without him. It's only two days since Christmas! And my love life is as cold as the weather!

He took a deep breath. "I know you will understand everything. 'll tell you when I get home, Okay?"

"S-Say the what dad?"

"I will tell ---"

"Honey! Let's have lunch ! Marrie is waiting! " But, someone interrupted. I could almost drop the cellphone at what I heard.

"Hija, I'll hung up. I love you."

"I-I love you too, dad." My vision clouded by my tears and my heart crumpled that I can't almost breath. I'm not stupid for not understand that, Is that why he doesn't go home? Will he leave me?

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