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Chapter 13 No.13

Word Count: 1134    |    Released on: 20/04/2022

I will try to risk. If he's my happiness, then I'll risk for a while. Even for a moment, I want to satisfy myself. I want to forget my family problem, my emotional problem, my problem with Sav. Sav is patiently strong. He can manage anything even if sometimes his moves are wrong. Like putting more rice on my plate that he didn't do before. The advantage is that they all know that he's my uncle so there is no malice. He is not afraid to show everyone what he wants to do to me.

"Maybe someone saw you entered my room Sav." I whispered to him as we look at each other and side by side on the bed. His right hand held my waist as I caressed his bare shoulder. I gently stroked it.

In my dark room the only light was lampshade. Nothing could be heard but my whisper and our breath as his eyes softly looking at me. His finger parted the strand of my hair on my face.

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