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Chapter 20 No.20

Word Count: 1848    |    Released on: 20/04/2022

I can't breath properly. My muscles are shaking. Seeing that is how Sav look Melody? I feet like someone took away my world.

I know there is no permanent in the world. Friends who betrayed you, yourself in this world are not permanent too. But Sav? He is the one I want to stay in my world. I want to cage him in my world. I want to build our own world so that no one will judge us. What if my own world is someone else's world?

I gathered some air just to ease the pain. I locked my door. I want to be alone. I want to think. If only we could do a miracle once, we could both. But ofcourse in our world that is wrong. I silently stared at the stars in the sky. The moon was alone there but remained beautiful and glowing.

"You know moon, you look like Savier." I talked to the moon as if that could answer me. I smiled bitterly. "No matter how I admire and look up to you, I could still never reach you. I can't touch you like I want to. I can't reach you because that's impossible. We are impossible. "

Another bullets of tears came out. I wiped that off. Then someone hugged me from the back. I close my eyes to the heat of his body. I felt like I was suddenly lonely. I felt afraid that in an instant I might never feel such comfort in his arms again.

"Roxette." He whispered on my ear. His warmth breath made me shivered. I hugged myself and held on to his sinewy arm.

—— locked chapter ——
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