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Chapter 7 No.7

Word Count: 2255    |    Released on: 20/04/2022

The girl on the mirror. She's beautiful. She doesn't seem to be seventeen. She looks like a matured woman because of her make up. The lip with red lipstick. The eye with a gray contactlense.The gray cocktail dress was tight to my upper body. There is no obvious cleavage but the exposed collarbone is attractive.

It was seven o'clock in the evening. I took a deep breath and looked at myself in the mirror again. I was nervous and excited. Sav was invited to our prom because he was a sponsor of the school. I went downstairs and he immediately looked up at me as if he had been waiting for me for a while. .I saw his jaw moved.

He is so handsome in his black tux. She also has a new haircut. I saw he had an earring in his ear. Now I saw it ah .. or maybe he just punched me? And his necktie is gray? We're suit? I can hardly look at him. .my hand is too cold.

Who isn't nervous, right? I still remember what he told me last night. Those are his words to me. But after he said that he seemed to be born and immediately left my room. Maybe I was just imagining that. .maybe he's not mad to tell me that. Maybe because I love him so much and that's what I'm already hearing. Just shit! She looks at me full of admiration.

"You're beautiful" he said to me and held out his hand. I bit my lip. .Is it okay for her uncle to tell her niece 'you're beautiful?' okay right? There is no malice.

Gradually I reached for his hand as well and it seemed like there was some kind of electricity and it immediately went to my thigh as if I was being tickled. Am I obsessed?

“You're handsome." I said to him like a fool while stunned by his handsome face.

He smiled

"Uhm .. come on?" My nanny immediately supported me until I got into his car. During the ride I couldn't help but stare at him.

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