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Chapter 3 No.3

Word Count: 1224    |    Released on: 20/04/2022

s. It fits to my body a

other respected friends, Investors and his high end friends. They all knew about mama

he pictures. It's just

's too. Where did I inherit my face? Just one look at m

m and I looked like but nothing .. Ma

at next to him. There I sat. In my

at the table who were familiar faces to me, othe

and wine s

e ‘food on my plate.

w old are yo

" I answer


laugh."In St. Dominic



id you know m

ps pa

suitor! Like Simon,

said cheerfully. That's

rned t

your daughter. Maybe we co


er woma

at! I still want to intro

all l


commit herself. Study first.." I



n their topic went about

In front of them were strangers b

tly peered to my side. I saw his gir

ve that. He remained serious t

oiled of s

wed as I look

nd. I dont know her name. But I think i

spered something to

lost my


red my

feeling well. I'm

ehead c

landed on my ne

kissed h

makes my heart ach

t it doesn't know what.

l early I tried to stop it. I try to comfort myself with somet

m . I lov

artbeat. Every time he was with a woman my heart ached. It

t to the end where the comfort room is. There

liner messed up. I took a tissue and wiped it. I unti

am slender, my skin is white but red, my lips are thin and red.I in


one hurt by being straightforward. Our family is powerful.Everyt

the tears that fl

uch. My heart

ight to the Veranda. In my horror, Sav is there. He seems think deeply and he's smoking. He sat on the couch th

here wer

ng timing.

urned my back

said. immediately threw the

eyes and l

mocked. I crossed

ox. Face yo

and stepped closer to

shaking and I

s are open. His presence screaming of power. He's really handsome match with

man. But we

se to me. I backed away until I felt the cold

He crouched a bit to r

alking about. Sav!" I hissed. I

. I immediately look

e mocked

Uncle Sav?

Fuck off!" I tried

What if daddy will see

n..I think I can commit a si

of his face ma


en his face came over and kissed the side

use of that I pushed h

jaw just tightened

o that ?!" I hissed

wed as he look

hink? Why did

ked by wha

ed him


.I turned to him once and

m and cursed at my

m hurt. I am crying because

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