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Chapter 12 No.12

Word Count: 1432    |    Released on: 20/04/2022

I don't know how I will feel especially when dad was here but he was not alone. He got home, finally. Dad introduced Anna his fianceé to us and her only daughter Marrie.

As long as my dad is happy, I'm happy for him too. Also, I don't want to add this thoughts about my problems.

First, we are almost caught us kissing of Nana Sena in the kitchen. Fortunately, she hadn't entered the kitchen yet and called Sav so I immediately pushed him. Second, the beggar called me a name that I do not know! Third, dad went home with someone. My dad isn't that old to not love again. I knew it would happen I just need to adjust. But hopefully, they will also adjust to me because I try to be mature for myself as well. If I could make sense I would. I hope they don't do anything against my will because I really can't control how they act. That's what I see in the movie.

"I'm glad that leaving you with Sav hija also pays off. I can see you've grown."

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