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Chapter 17 No.17

Word Count: 1313    |    Released on: 20/04/2022

I quietly got out of the car. I stopped for a moment when Sav blocked the way because he opened the door for me. "Are we fine?" he asked huskily. He put aside my hair strands.

I can't look at him. My level is on his chest. He is very tall and I am only up to his shoulder. "I-I don't know Sav. I want to be alone."

"Then I'll give you space." He whispered. The wind blew so I was caught in the cold. I hugged my body then he noticed it. Automatically, he caged me. His arm is on either side of me. So I was even more inclined to the car.

The heat from his body made me feel comfortable. I can't really look him straight in the eye. After what he did to me inside his frigging car! Damn him!

"Is it hot now?” he asked softly in my ear. My heart is pounding right now. His hot breath tickled my ear. His hand, which had been pointed at my side, was already holding my arm.

I nodded at him still unable to look. But then, he held up my chin to meet his gaze. "Talk to me, please."

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