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Chapter 2 No.2

Word Count: 1243    |    Released on: 20/04/2022

grounded?" Simon chuckl

ar here. I want to graduate here with honor. In our room I was always in the top10! But that

that was wrapped around me. Ther

a fuckboy doesn't work.Yeah. He's handsome! Rich! There

tured! A years older than

or our company's success!"

rlfriend is getting c

owed as she l

d is here ."I laughe

diately lo

cold to me? Is this it ??"

ed an

rabbed her by the w

used to his arrogant attitude and playboy side

be close to the man who

tiffly. Her eyes were bloods

What d

ou got i

saw it!" s

on us. Some girls whispering and rolling their eyes t

ing scene here." Simon hissed

cked. "This Roxe

head of me for two years. Th

hat you are flir

e hell. The female student

am not

n would have spok

come? " I

e but I want to see

ghed mo

this school right? You are pretty but ...." She ey

ough." Simo

. I don't h

out me huh? Are you a f

e Simon and I have a relationship

t me it's bitch look

ed at

.. tss .. she's a low c


s. This is also not the first time I have been attacked. Most are in college.

of my friends are boy an

and wear is a new version of Maria Clara. And

n I saw her being bullied by others, my head heated up.

cause they have

y saw our SUV. My driver got out there

ve a student license yet coz 'I'm a minor. O

driver asked . I was alre


the part

are many people

ine our house full of power

red my

already ther

me in the rea

e even sent a


man. When will he stop? He's alread

d. I felt like an idiot. I am asking

age. He have been working

r doesn't choose


troyed his laptop. It's been one week since that hap

he's always been rude

ch anyway? Fuck. Stop i

outside, there were people. Oth

them. Some are fami

different signature elegant dresses. And damn! My eyes dr

spectable people. There is food on the long

king to one o

." I greeted and

place. I am only

ning hija. Ho



to the people the

ry beautiful d

lushed beca


introduce her to my you

im too. We can talk about that He



st change." I

ime I looked down, my gaze immediately la

s talking with some man his

n holding his arm and giggling. I saw

led up in

dsome. He's twenty three and succesful in life. He's a billionaire.

my heart feels like being st

is th

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