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Chapter 16 Alfred's Wedding Gift
Words Count: 1855    |    Released on:23/01/2022

As soon as Gael was gone, Jack jumped out of bed, shaved fast enough to leave a nick with a straight razor, cleaned up as quickly as he could. He made the bed, retrieved his checkbook from the desk, and with his hat on his still damp hair, he strode forward into the world. He had an appointment with a man.

The cab he’d arranged was waiting for him and the driver jumped down and opened the door for him as he exited the boarding house. Dignified, confident of his place in the world, Dr. Walker stepped up into the cab. Gael loved horseless carriages, but Jack did not think there would ever be a time when he could not get a proper cab. How would you know how far you’d gone without the beat of horse hooves against the road, or how could one live without the privacy of a cab that was not shared with the driver? Automobiles were never going to become a very popular thing, disgustingly loud and exposed, as they were.

It was not a very long trip to the bank and the closer they got, the more nervous Jack got. His own father was not going to approve of this. Every strike of hoove against the road made him wonder if Gael were going to be happy or distressed over this. It was something he wanted to do with all his heart though. Gael would understand his intent.

Somehow he’d missed when the cab had stopped. “Sir?”

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