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Chapter 18 New Family
Words Count: 1287    |    Released on:23/01/2022

Jack found waking up with a pile of children to be comforting and unsettling. It was all well and fine when Gael was there. They were Gael’s family, afterall. Emily snuggled against his arm and instinctively he reached out and petted her blonde curls. She was a miracle, a gift of God. God had given him a family, a family to love and care for.

Sunlight made the window beautiful, made the house look like it was real. If God can make the stones to speak, then he can use the likes of Alfred to bring good into the world. He sat up a bit more in the huge bed. Honestly, he’d never seen a bed this large. The two boys, Finn and Ian, stretched across the bottom and the bed was wide enough to let them each stretch out.

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