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Chapter 2 To Drive With an Angel

Word Count: 2230    |    Released on: 31/12/2021

with a tongue stolen from the fair folk. Now that may well be, but he couldn’t find three words together to say to the red headed man sitting next to

first time in a car and all. The naughtier part of Gael’s mind was very happy to suggest some other firs

uieter too and Gael was arguing with himself about the merits of reciting poetry or not sounding like a love struck school boy. There was a kindness and kind of magic to Dr

before clearing his throat and pressing his

to speak English, “Yeah? I’ve,” and he almost said

reaking out at his temple, “I must say that some ru

ack talk made him realize he was better

cop was trying to get confession out of him, “Certain things we

like crab?

, well, customs about who one might call upon might be a

other watching his passenger, wondering if the guy was getting at what he thought he might. There were a lot

bit, “I mean, and I mean no offense whatsoever, you understand, I just rather

grin that put his whole wo

bout as bright

He also leaned and whispered in that innocent pretty ear, “I rather thoug

der than the devil on Sat

ful as if he’d accomplished the best thievery of his

e, “I haven’t offended you, I hope. I made no presumptions at all, it was just tha

ere in New York, you want to be very, very careful. If you let on to the wrong peo

husiastically. “And you’ll go

s no cause for jealousy. Doctor boys from Kansas didn’t take up p

s. Jack was more relaxed and Gael was lucky that there wasn’t much traffic be

in the yard. Maybe they’d both run out of words, but they sat there saying noth

g out of the car almost reluctantly. “You

l said, irritated that he was goin

Jack muttered as he followed across th

le that gave her the temperament of a goose, op

aid, removing his

o my office to sign the paperwork, I’ll be happy to accept the agreed upon de

ggage for a moment more, wai

dlady, another first for him. “Of course, I thought

y a little extra to keep the entire space, but

d never impose in such a ma

and looked over at Gael, “Well, get the gentl

g bed, with four posters and curtains around it, a table, a cabinet for dishes, a washroom that had running water, a bathtub, and a toilet. The floor was poli

shaking just a bit, he combed slightly too long blond curls back and pressed his hat back on. He’d never been one to give up before he’d actually lost, sometimes not even then, but he also di

reaching for eleven, the door opened and a still flushed and gleeful Jack let himself in.

what people pay for. Jack was just a little taller than he was, but it felt as if he were inches shorter than the d

else, if it would be acceptable, if I kissed you,” Ja

htest brush of Jack’s breath was a caress. His head started to feel light. “If you’d like,” he

were almost calloused lips, he realized he’d never been kissed before. Little flicks of light danced around his vision and his heart couldn’t make up its mind to kee

d touching Gael’s face with a tenderness and welcome tha

,” Gael whispe

touching Gael’s curls, tenderly pulling one free

everything from him, take this tender touch that he now c

us, pulling back enough to look at Gael with concer

. I came over when I was

oth American,

care that

ck asked, using a fancy word he’d learn

Gael asked, still tremb

lly attracted to members of the

f his own drive back as he turned to kiss

to look at his palm to decide what it was he was feeling

ings. “But you can come drive with me, for

all you. It’ll be a little while until mine i

away, ashamed to be poor, thinking about what i

en. What about an address so I can send

id firmly. “I

t. “It was very nice

e time he’d made it to the roses, he was feeling like the biggest idiot in the city.

anything. It had to be done, but every movement took him farther from Jack and he didn’t kn

rip the engine out and beat himself with it. The engine roared to

ger seat. He looked up a little higher, turning his

uld go driving,” J

behind the steering wheel. “I’ll sho

Also, don’t call me Dr.

ng that name into his soul with the light of

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