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Chapter 14 First Times
Words Count: 1361    |    Released on:23/01/2022

Jack broke the kiss off. Breathless and flushed, he rolled onto his back, then side, reaching for his notebook from his jacket pocket. “I made a diagram!”

Gael had shed his clothes during the last dance, a very slow waltz with more body contact than style. Naked, erect, and confused, he asked, “What?”

“I made a diagram about how our bodies might join. Let me show you.”

Long past ready for this consummation, Gael didn’t wait for the diagram, but moved his kisses to the back of Jack’s neck while reaching around him to unbutton the good doctor’s shirt. His reply was mostly a mumbled moan as he kissed down the back of Jack’s neck, wet and intense, a little teeth. “Don’t need a diagram.”

“Yes, well,” Jack groaned. His hands shook too much to get the notebook up where they could see it. “It’s just, I mean, well, a plan, it might be helpful.”

“I got a plan,” Gael growled, voice deep. His hands undid Jack’s belt, then his pants, kissing around his hips as he inched the slacks down. “Trust me.”

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