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Chapter 4 Up a Tree

Word Count: 1556    |    Released on: 31/12/2021

but overall it was an amazing place. Each neighborhood they passed seemed to have a bit of personality of its own. It was almost like a small world tour. Then they’

nd trees and private roads. Jack half imagined them the homes of saints and

n a house, though Jack couldn’t tell the house f

. There are few good people in there. Are

English. Stepping down into the still warm afternoon air as

tually twitched as he looked up from Jack

me gothic novels he’d read as a boy. Lamp light flickered in several of the rooms. He knew that it definitely wasn’t a setting for specters no

nal man, a man of science, he did not peek into other men’s houses. He repeated that over and over to himself as he

. Jack liked dogs, but not dogs that looked like hell hounds! Not more than ten paces in, his stride shifted to a jog. Glancing over his shoulder,

had his coat tails, jerking him nearly off his feet until he let his arms go limp and behind him, then he

he was still running, but it didn’t feel like it. The nearest tree offered a branch he thought he could reach and he leapt for it from a running sta

deep, confident

sted! He could hear himself fumbling through an explanation to an offi

an get your feet on the groun

the stranger said. A man of dark coffee complexion held an ornately e

put a hole in you sure as sunrise, my boy,” he spoke with a

hands up. “Please don’t shoot me

ree,” the man said, not lower

at stains and tree bark ruined his new shirt and his bowtie was more undone than he was. Without suspenders on, his

that say I’m the King of P

slicked back, he was silver at the temples with amused brown eyes. “Now then, Mr. Alexander, he didn’t lay claim to anything so illustrious.” A Chinese man in traditional looking Chinese silks held a gold tray out for him

he mouth to be less

en,” the

, making a pose with his hand. He wore a tuxedo as well as any of them, polished elder gay, comfo

ht asked. “We won’t let the dog or Mr. Alexa

st looking somehow as if there wasn’t enough decorum in it to make him be polite. As he went over

” Jack said, lifting his chin, fist

coat and looked back over his sh

ses. “Galen Francis McNeil, is this the boy you’ve got straight for, the on

ied to look everywhere except

o, take our young doctor up to the baths and see that he’s cleaned up and given something decent to wear!” Smiling

said, dusting more at his torn coat

we can do is bathe and feed you. The sun is down and it’s entirely too late for you to leave. You’ll have to s

” Jack said, “I work at

o! No, you come with me, Galen, my boy. It’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride before his coming out or debut or wha

they swept him away, not even letting him mak

pulled him close, squeezing just to the edge of pain. "I'm going to

el whispered. "He doesn

little whore. I'm very

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